Assessment of different management systems in an area of Cerrado sensu stricto

Lemaf/Ufla - Laboratório de Estudos e Projetos em Manejo Florestal
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“This study aims to evaluate the effect of different management systems on the fl oristic composition and diversity of a fragment of Cerrado sensu stricto vegetation located in Brasilândia de Minas (MG), eleven years after interventions. In 1997, 30 plots were installed in the study site, in a random block design, consisting of ten treatments with three replications: 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% removal of the basal area, involving 20% reduction and increase in the De Liocourt quotient value; clear cutting and control treatment. Prior to treatment installation, an inventory was compiled of original vegetation. In 2004 and 2008 further inventories were produced. It was observed that interventions in the relevant Cerrado area led to changes in the fl oristic composition and diversity of local vegetation, yet these changes were also observed in undisturbed areas which had not been subjected to management plans.”. Fonte: os autores