Advancing Agroforestry on the Policy Agenda: A guide for decision-makers

FAO - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentación
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“Agroforestry systems include both traditional and modern land-use systems where trees are managed together with crops and/or animal production systems in agricultural settings. When designed and implemented correctly, agroforestry combines the best practices of tree growing and agricultural systems resulting in more sustainable use of land. Agroforestry takes place in both tropical and temperate regions, producing food and fibre for better food and nutritional security. It also sustains livelihoods, alleviates poverty and promotes productive, resilient agricultural environments. In addition, when practised at scale, it can enhance ecosystems through carbon storage, prevention of deforestation, biodiversity conservation, cleaner water and erosion control, while enabling agricultural lands to withstand events such as floods, drought and climate change". Fonte: o autor