Série Biodiversidade 07 - Evaluation of the State of Knowledge on Biological Diversity in Brazil

Executive Summary

MMA - Ministério do Meio Ambiente
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The project whose results we present here in summarized form came to be at a unique occasion in Brazilian ecological science. After the Rio-92 World Environment Conference, a few scientists self-convened in several informal meetings to discuss a particular problem -the lack of compiled information on the current knowledge of Brazilian biodiversity. By hosting the conference and being the first country to sign the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Brazilian government had assumed a number of obligations that entailed urgent legislative and executive actions. From the standpoint of the scientific community, the government would need expert assistance on Brazilian biological diversity to accomplish these tasks; but, though we recognized that substantial knowledge and expertise indeed existed, they were neither readily accessible nor understandable, being scattered in academic publications, unpublished theses or quite often confined to scientists´ personal unwritten knowledge. In brainstorming for various ways of making published and expert knowledge effectively available, among other fruitful ideas the present assessment was conceived and outlined.